This Way to the Egress "Mighty Seed" - 2013


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This Way to the Egress have been great friends for several years now, fantastic band! This is their second album!

"Throughout Mighty Seed, the band does not shy from showing off their many assets, adding in layers of banjos, mandolins, tubas, cymbal clashes and intricate harmonizing. On the track "Nightgal," the album takes a break from its theatrics to showcase a really beautiful instrumental piece that reminds me of any number of songs by Yann Tiersen, due to all its intricacies. The song gorgeously builds, starting first with a banjo, and soon adding the brass, the accordion, and eventually the plucking of a piano. Followed is the ragtime romp "Cage Bird," sung with coy charm by Saddle Sarah. It’s a fun song that really showcases the band’s approach to not just music, but the history of music, and the history of music performance, which may be the biggest, best reason to appreciate this band. They know their music, but they have fun while doing it. The album has no lows, and aims for the dizzying highs, with each song always building to something better and more rewarding. The album’s last track, "Hava’s Lament," gives the listener a perfect reprise to the band’s style. As it abruptly ends with a rush of instruments and the cries of unified "hey!", you remember that you aren’t standing in an underground speakeasy at the edge of town. But whenever you want to go back, you know what album to play." -Alison Dwyer  

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