A Steampunk's Guide to the Apocalypse


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by Margaret Killjoy

A practical guide to surviving the coming apocalypse by my good pal Mr. Magpie Killjoy. Fun, witty, and well written, you'll learn real skills that will help you navigate all manner of disastrous situations. Trust me, you need this guide...

"A courageous future lies ahead of us. We wave goodbye, on no uncertain terms, to the invisible workings of the cyberian world. Our future lies in an honest technology, a technology that is within our reach, a technology that will not abandon us, a technology that requires not the dark oils of subterranean caverns. Consider this book to be your boon companion during the trying times that lie ahead. No single tome--no matter how voluminous--could be complete, of course, but this little handbook should aid in keeping you fed, watered, clothed, and protected from the myriad hazards of weather, human, and beast."

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