"Declension" (numbered/limited edition of 50) Michael Allen Rose


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A surrealist journey through language and violence in contemporary America. A study of linguicide in the 21st century. Chaos theory in prose form. The violence of language. A performance lost to the ages, and presented here to unlock your lizard brain. From the author of PARTY WOLVES IN MY SKULL.

"Michael Allen Rose has written a masterpiece.
Exploring automatic writing and other means of literary production, Rose produces a study on the correlation between the downfall of the English language and the increases in violence.
The concept of automatic writing is something dear to my heart, as it relates to my religion (Spiritism), where it's called psicography. Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa used it, as he claimed he was in contact with spirits. Philip K. Dick also claimed the influence of otherwordly beings in his writings, and wrote extensively about his experiences. Michael doesn't claim spiritual influences, but he uses it as a mean of producing truly unfiltered "mind prose".
This book is experimental, and should be viewed as such. I particularly loved it. It reads almost like a song, or a poem in some parts. You can feel the rhythm of the words, popping out of the page (or in my case, the screen), making you want to move around while reading it, letting the words guide your body through space.
I extremely recommend reading it, for sure."
-Pedro Proenca

Michael Allen Rose is a writer, performance artist, producer and musician living in Chicago, IL. Originally from the frozen wastes of North Dakota, Michael's plays have been produced in New York, Chicago, Portland, Denver and several other major cities. He is founder and artistic director of RoShamBo Theatre, and releases industrial and experimental music under the pseudonym Flood Damage. His shorter pieces have been published in Bizarro Bizarro, The Surreal Grotesque, Imperial Youth Review, Kizuna: Fiction for Japan, and Phantasmagorium among others, and seen on stage at Chicago's famed Second City where he spent a year studying at the conservatory.
You can visit him at www.michaelallenrose.com for an overview, www.gerbilprobe.com to find out more about his noise, www.roshambotheatre.com to find out more about his performance, and of course to find out more about his debut novel.

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