A Pirate Broadcast (download only) 2004


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"As I pushed play on the latest from The Hellblinki Sextet, the sound of an old recording of "The Star-Spangled Banner" is interrupted by a thunderclap. Thus starts the eerie carnival ride that is A Pirate Broadcast. From this point, you envision a drunken pirate steering his ship and misfit crew out to sea. Rocking back and forth with the ocean’s waves, arm in arm, singing sea shanties while throwing back huge glasses filled with thick ale. The guttural yowl of vocalist A- is your guide through thirteen tracks of beautifully orchestrated tales of love, loss, monsters and fortune hunters. Often bringing to mind the soundtrack for an Ed Wood horror movie and at other times a delightful circus sideshow with help from instruments like the glockenspiel, toy piano and accordion. You would be wise to use your imagination and give this a listen if not for the amazing music, then for its theatrical brilliance." -Independents Only 

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