Hellblinki Live at Sky City 8.13.11 (download only)


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Hellblinki live at Sky City in Augusta, GA on August 13th, 2011. Audio recorded by Michael Mirrielees. Live Audio mixed by Coco Rubio. Audio Post Production by Andrew Benjamin.

(The preview to the right is only of the songs themselves, all the in-between talking bits are in the download!)

"If Satan had a secret soft side, and, by all means, his soft side is still the most vile thing we could think of. Hellblinki would be what he listened to. The sweet, saucy, murdery sounds of the trio flow through your ears like a ball of energy into the Death Star's only weak point. Hellblinki's studio albums are a musical phenom, don't get me wrong. But to fully appreciate the true power, grace, and psychotic elegance that Hellblinki has, you have to see them to believe it. Imagine if you will a freak show, but, a freak show that grabs at your heart strings and doesn't stop pluckin till it has blisters on its fingers, and there you have yourself at a Hellblinki concert. Do yourself the biggest favor you could ever possibly do, and pick up this live album. Hey, who knows, it may inspire you to pick up a musical saw of your own, Lord knows we need them!"
-Ricky Hunt  

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