All for You, I Am - Single (download only)


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This is the Download only version of the "I Am, All for You" single.

(All for You is...) "An atmospheric blend of B-movie sound effects and '80's-style dance beats with Andrew Benjamin's typically demented Tom Waits-inspired vocals over the top of a obsession-laden track which may either make you worried or over-joyed depending on your sense of irony. I am, of course, overjoyed as I am with all of their work". - scott homewood -

"I Am" is a lovely pounding march that pulsates inside your head long after the song has drawn to a close. It gallops along through dark chants that announce a birth, an arrival. A beautiful dark arrival of something, maybe a demon or an angel. -Jim Julien

"All for You" brings up images of a surreal kidnapping scene, a being circling around it's tied up prey, taunting and teasing to the end. -Erika Olsen  

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