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This bundle of songs was put together as reward for the Kickstarter to fund the Hellblinki album "Multitudes". It features songs from many of the artists that recorded parts for the album, as a way of showcasing what these folks do. Each artist got a cut from the Kickstarter proceeds for the use of their song, and if anyone not involved in the Kickstarter purchases it here, the artists will get a cut of this too. There is info below about each artist and how to find them.
For all of you who participated in the Kickstarter, Thank You!
Check your Kickstarter email for instructions on using the coupon.

I've ordered these songs in a way I think flows nicely, the .mp3s are tagged for you. I've made a collage cover of all the individual covers, so they'll play nicely with your player software and devices, and included the individual cover images, if you want to switch 'em out. Have fun kids!
Here's the info on the tracks. (also included as a .txt file in the bundle)

The Voodoo Organist
"Vampire Empire" from the album "Vampire Empire"
"Tearing out of the high desert like some demonic hell-ride, Scott Wexton is otherwise known as the Voodoo Organist, an organ-pounding, whiskey-loving, demented disciple of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Tom Waits and Anton LaVey."
Eugene Weekly, 3.26.09
The Voodoo Organist played organ on "No Home"

Juan Prophet Organization (Kris White)
"Living Proof"
written by Jeff Holt
Jeff Holt- Accordion/Vocals/Saxophone/Clarinet, Kris White- Bass/Percussion/Vocals, Justin Whitlow- Drums, Travis McAlister- Tuba Recorded and Mixed at The Map Room, Portland, OR by Kris White and Jeff Holt Kris White played Bowed Cymbals and Horn on "Intro" he also recorded much of "Intro", "Bodies", "Always", and "I Am" at The Map Room in Portland, OR

Miss Mousie and the Rigamarole (Valerie Meiss, Ian Moore)
"Dumpsters and Divebars" from the album "Best Laid Plans"
Valerie Meiss, Ian Moore, and Gabe Romero Jr.
Valerie sang on "All for You" and "I Am", and played marching bells on "Always"
Ian Moore played fiddle on "Always"
The Screaming Js (JonPaul Hess)
"Spaghetti J" from the Snake EP
The Screaming J's are the Boogie Woogie Rag and Roll Acoustic Piano Trio from Asheville, NC

"In Pinks and Golds" from the coming album "Circling"
Unwoman is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter frequently featured at steampunk conventions. She has released seven solo albums and has also performed with Amanda Palmer, Rasputina, Voltaire, and Abney Park.
Unwoman played Cello on "Open to Me"

The Ghosts Project
"Open" from the album "Flaming Golden Boar"
Formed in 2006, The Ghosts Project is comprised of Paul Mercer on violin and Davis Petterson on percussion. The band, which is located in Atlanta, features an ever changing lineup of special guest musicians from all over the country.
Davis played Drums on "Danger"

Billie Vacation
"Get Paid" from the EP "THIS IS NOT A RECORD​.​.​. IT IS A REVOLUTION!"
Billie Vacation is a recluse that makes rock and roll records in his bedroom... he only drinks beer and eats cheeseburgers... occasionally small animals found in the yard.
Billie Vacation played drums on "No Home"

Ian Moore
"GOLDEN, like a Marmoset!" from the album "VRANG OK: CHROMENTARY"
Ian Moore makes odd music the world didn't know how to ask for... He is a fiddler and street performer by trade, makes music for both real and imaginary movies, has composed a moderately full-length ballet, and wants to go to bed early -- but it's too late for that now.
Ian Moore played fiddle on "Always"

The Changelings (Regeana Campbell)
"Echoes" from the coming album "Xenoglossia"
The Changeling's long awaited full length album, Xenoglossia, will be released in 2014. Please like our facebook page or sign up for emails on our website.
Toccata Nosferatu (Riston Denaux)
"Anubis" from the EP "Toccata Nosferatu"
Toccata Nosferatu is the experimental darkwave project of Charleston, SC based keyboardist/composer Riston Denaux. The sound is derived by synthesizing organic performance with electronic mediums to paint a macabre and desolate portrait.
Riston played Piano on the track "Open to Me"

Nomadic War Machine (Margaret Killjoy)
"We cannot cower" from the album "I have a gun. Give me all the money in the register."
Margaret Killjoy of Nomadic War Machine is a nomadic author, editor, artist, musician, anarchist, and general ne'er-do-well. His newest book, A Country of Ghosts, is coming out in spring 2013 from Combustion Books. The song he contributed, We Cannot Cower, includes samples from the International Anarchist Conspiracy as well as Alan Moore and is an attempt to sum of the conflict between espousing a worldview and challenging people to think for themselves.
Magpie Killjoy provided spoken vocals for "Intro"

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